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Our specialties

Entering a restaurant Antica Focacceria San Francesco means being surrounded by fragrances, colors and sounds that bring one back to that square in Palermo, back in 1834, cradle of a culinary tradition that still delights Sicilians' fine taste and many others'. The street food of Antica Focacceria San Francesco is suitable for any time of the day: fast gourmet dishes, healthy and convenient, once sold in small kiosks. In particular, the focaccia schietta or maritata, one of our original recipes since 1851. For a full meal instead, you can taste unique dishes prepared respecting the traditional way, with carefully selected raw materials. You can always enjoy a glass of our selected wines from the territory or enjoy one of the sweet timeless, typical Sicilian pastries. You can also choose to take home with you a selection of our specialties.