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Over the years marking its growth, Antica Focacceria San Francesco has enhanced its attention, civic-minded attitude, integrity and dedication to pursue a path linked to transparency and fairness. It recognizes the historical heritage of the area of origin and voluntarily chooses to celebrate the excellence. That’s why the staff selection, the choice and the relationships with suppliers and collaborators share the same professional and ethical fairness, aiming at respect and appreciation.

We carefully select the best suppliers among socially responsible companies. The foods journey is controlled from the origin up to the client’s plate, carefully looking after the quality of what is being served. Several recipes are still handmade, right in Palermo’s kitchens, using only carefully selected raw materials. Moreover, to ensure maximum safety and hygiene, all the applicable regulations are followed with great care.

Antica Focacceria San Francesco was among the first companies to join the project "I pay who doesn’t pay", the critical consumption campaign of Addiopizzothat originates right from Palermo, to raise awareness of the consumer towards the choice of activities and retailers who do not yield to pressure of blackmail, but keep up with a fair and transparent market.

Antica Focacceria is also founder of the anti-racket association “Libero Futuro” ("Free Future")..

For years now - in support of socially advantageous reuse of the lands that were confiscated from the mafia - we have chosen to buy many raw materials from Libera Terra cooperatives, which turns the confiscated assets throughout Italy into a resource for the development of the entire socio-economic circuit, through the involvement of farmers and several other productive sectors of the territory.

That's why Antica Focacceria San Francesco’s taste is certainly a fair taste.